Friday, August 28, 2009

No-spend week update

Well, we made it through our no-spend week weekdays...just two weekend days left.   Those'll be the hardest!  I convinced hubby to pick up his video game on his way home from work Tuesday instead of coming home first and going back out for it (he likes to have us with him when he shops).  So he didn't need to fill up his gas tank this week!  But we had a major blowout today...McDonald's was kind enough to provide our supper...for a fee!  Actually, hubby called me on his lunch break today and asked if he could go to Dairy Queen for lunch.  "Didn't you pack your lunch?!" "Yeah, but I feel like eating something hot."  Anyway, I convinced him to just eat the lunch he packed, but he insisted we go out to McDonald's tonight.  I must admit I was secretly glad because it meant I could sit at my sewing machine a little longer instead of getting up to make supper.  Plus, Miss M didn't take her nap today and was in need of special love and attention before bedtime.  Still...if we can get through the next two days without anymore frivolous spending, I'll consider the week an overall success!

If it's as beautiful out this weekend as it was today, maybe we'll take a walk to the park together -- that doesn't cost anything!  If we do, I'll be sure to bring my camera along.  We always run into some sort of wildlife around here.  Last night it was a big ugly opossum.  The other day it was a whole flock of wild turkeys!

Yes, those are two young cats down in the front of the picture.  They don't belong to anybody, but the local Cat Lady feeds them here every day. It may have been the pans of cat food that attracted the turkeys.

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