Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I finally made a mei tai for ME!

This is the fourth mei tai I've made from Kristen's Scandi Mei Tai tutorial.  I love every one of them!  The first three were gifts for friends and cousins having their first babies.  I finally made one for me! Here it is being tried out for the first time by hubby and Miss M. (Just imagine me trying to carry her around while 7 months pregnant...nah, I'll let hubby do the heavy work!)

(You can click on it to see it a bit bigger).

You can see how neglected Miss M is when I sew...that pathetic falling-down ponytail!  Oh well, at least she kept herself busy with stickers (you should have seen my pant legs)!

Here's some shots of the ones I gave away.  I hear they are much loved!

These two were for two of my cousins.  My other cousin picked out the fabric and I did the sewing.  Funny, I just realized that all of these were for boy babies!


  1. Your mei tais are really cute! Your cousins are really lucky to have you around!

  2. oooo, i have been meaning to make this since b4 dd1 was born. now she is already 2+!!! LOL but dd2 is abt 7mths so there is hope to churn one of these out. lol how old is ur dd?

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