Monday, September 28, 2009

The beginning of Fall

Miss M and I went on a short walk into the nearby park and took a few pictures.  We thought we'd share!

According to my wildflower book, this sunny yellow fellow is Oxeye.

The thistles are going to seed, see the fluffy thistledown?

There were busy honey bees everywhere! Which is good because the local bee population has been suffering the past few years (or so I've been told).

It took a while to identify these berries.  At first my dad thought they were hackberries, but I wasn't so sure since the arrangement on the branches didn't seem quite right.  So I kept looking and I'm pretty sure they're coralberries.  Whatever they are, aren't they pretty?!

The leaves are just starting to change on the trees around here...this must have been one of the first to fall. Isn't it stunning?  I'm afraid my photography doesn't quite do it justice.  I do believe fall is my favorite season!  What's yours?

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