Friday, October 30, 2009

Enchanting Woodland Fairy

I had most of Miss M's Halloween costume done a while back...just never got around to taking pictures of it until now.  It's based loosely on McCall's 5732, but I really only used the pattern for the vest...and even then I modified it.   For the shirt I used an Ottobre raglan pattern (I'm not even sure which one), but added width so it'd be a bit fuller.  I made it out of light green silk.  The vest as made of darker green twill and lined with brown flannel for warmth.  I patchworked together a bunch of faux suede pieces of various shades of brown for the pants and kind of made up the pattern as I went...based on the McCall's pattern style, but not using their pattern pieces and making it a separate rather than a one-piece with the top.  I used elastic in the legs and a drawstring at the waist so she can keep wearing it as dress-up clothes for a while.  I completely made up the pattern for the wings and they turned out amazingly like what I envisioned and far better than I thought I'd actually be able to pull off!

I took pictures of her in the fallen leaves in our backyard.  Somehow, looking at them on the computer, I would have sworn the entire thing was fake...fake grass, fake leaves, printed backdrop. It all looked too perfect.  But, it's not fake! It's real!  Those are real fall leaves under our sycamore tree and there was a real nippy breeze blowing as I snapped some quick shots.  She blends in so nicely...exactly what I was going for, but not at all expecting to actually be able to do!

I know I'm completely biased, but I think she's just the most enchanting creature I've ever laid eyes on!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job, she is super cute, and your photos are really nice too.

  2. This outift is amazing! I just found your blog via a post you made on the Ottobre-English forum. I love checking out blogs! Especially ones with a lot of photos! Your talents never seem to end. It almost makes me want to do it all over again (almost!). I have 3 boys, 24, 23, 19 and daughter who is 14. My 23 yo son has an almost three year old little girl and a 1 year old boy, so I sew for them, and I'm trying to get my 14 yo daughter interested in some Ottobre stuff (I can make the 170 stuff fit her). It's quite a challenge to get a young girl teen to see any merit in Ottobre, but I'm still trying! Back to this gorgeous costume, I would love to know how you made the wings? My little Nana girl loves fairies and watches Tinkerbell at least once a day and even knows all of the fairies names and jobs by heart. (I'm too young to be a Grandma so I'm a Nana so therefore my children's children are my "Nana babies, Nana girls and Nana boys! " Sorry I'm rambling! I just feel like you would be the perfect neighbor and friend if we lived closer. I live in Washington state. Anyway, have a great day and keep blogging and snapping those beautiful photos. Thanks and God Bless You.