Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newborn size cloth diapers

After making the decision to cloth diaper, it took me a bit of time to get going on the sewing side of things.  But...a little over a month later...I've got my first 18 newborn sized diapers finished! I plan on making 6 more to have a full 2 dozen, plus 2-3 covers.  I'll get started on the covers today.

As you can see, no two are exactly the same.  Although, three of the green ones come pretty close.

Once I finish the set, I'll wash 'em all real good a time or two before baby arrives.  I'll probably do an absorbency test too, just for the sake of curiosity.

Then it'll be time to resize the pattern again for when baby outgrows these!  Ahh, the sewing never ends...  :-)


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  2. i MUST know how you made your diapers! i've seen a lot of tuts out there but yours just look so neat and well put together!