Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fleece tassel cape

The other day I mentioned the fleece cape I made for Miss M.  I used Ottobre 6/2008 #22A "Little Rosy" wool cape in size 92.

It was a very quick and satisfying pattern to sew!  I will definitely be making more.

I really like the shape of the hood and how it hangs.  In face, I like the shape of the whole thing and even though size 92 is a bit big for Miss M regularly, it works well for this pattern.  She has wide shoulders for her size (just like her mama).

I used a large button and loop of ribbon for the closure, but I don't care for the way it then closes off center, so I think I'll remove the loop, put in a snap, and leave the button on the outside purely for decoration.

I have a fully lined one in mind for spring...once it's actually warm enough to go outside with just a cape for warmth.  This has been the harshest winter in my memory...and it's not over yet.


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