Monday, February 15, 2010

Thread organization

My mom visited us this weekend.  Look what she brought me!

It's a shelf my grandpa made for storing spools of thread!  I look at the thread organizers at JoAnn every time I go, but I always hate to spend that much just for organization.  Now I just need to hang this bad boy up and put all my thread up.  It'll add some nice color to my "sewing room" a.k.a. my bedroom.  Yay!

P.S. I haven't forgotten the indoor is literally in my sewing machine halfway sewn.  What, you don't sew half a seam at a time and then get interrupted?


  1. What a nice surprise! I've been looking to repurpose something to store thread in...right now, mine is in an old wipes container. As for being interrupted half way through a seam...happens all the time.:)

  2. Wipes boxes are very useful! I don't have a ton of thread, but it'll save time to have it all in one convenient place. Then I can use my limited minutes for actual sewing.