Monday, June 28, 2010

Linen sundress

I rarely make clothes for myself.  Mostly because patterns don't fit me well and it takes too much time to get them to fit right.  I wear my clothes to death and then buy what I need on sale from a local outlet store.  Last weekend I convinced hubby to let me buy a piece of fabric from JoAnn's specifically to make myself a sundress.  I came away with a yard and a half of linen for just under $9 with tax.  I was originally going to use this tutorial*, but decided this pattern would be more suitable for the material I had purchased.

It turns out I made the dress just in time.  This past weekend was my 10 year high school reunion and, boy, was it hot!  It was about  97 degrees and humid!  There are a bunch of pictures of me wearing the dress at the zoo, but only one really bad one of the front of the dress.  I was under some sort of walkway with windows to see the otters which did something really strange to the light, so I apologize for the quality of this shot.

I was very pleased with how the dress turned out and was also glad I added 3 inches to the length.  It sure was nice to have something cool to wear!  And now I think I should make another one...

*I still want to make a dress from the first link, but I want a slightly lighter weight material for it just like this one.


  1. Your dress is adorable. My 10 year reunion is supposed to be this year too, but they haven't planned it yet. I'm going to make my dress too, but need to find out the formality.

  2. The dress is beautfiul and perfect for hot weather!

  3. the dress is adorable. you look like you are still in high school, not a 10 yr alum. :)

  4. Ha! I suppose looking young will serve me well in a few more decades, eh? I've recently noticed people have started addressing me as "ma'am" rather than "miss"...must be the fact that I now lug around 2 children, not just one.

    I'm dying to make myself another dress...just have to hit on the right pattern and fabric (from my stash, which isn't easy 'cause most of my pieces are too small for adult clothing).

  5. Your dress looks great! I don't do too much sewing for myself. One day that will change. In the meantime I have my 5 kiddos to sew for.