Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As every mother knows, that first year of their kid's life goes so FAST!  So many changes and stages all within such a short period of time.  Little Guy learned to crawl this week. And on the same day, he stood alone (without holding onto anything) for more than just a few seconds.  I've been taking time every day to just play with him, snuggle him, enjoy him as he is because before long he won't be a baby anymore!

Miss M is already growing into a tall preschooler. She isn't a toddler anymore. And Oh! The ideas she comes up with!

"Daddy, will you type me at work?  I'll type you back, okay?"  By this she means, she'll wake up before Mama does, launch the word processing program on the family computer (conveniently left on by daddy when he went to work), type "d-a-d-d-y" and press enter.  Yes, this actually happened.

"Mama, you know, tadpoles turn into frogs and are baby frogs."  How does she come by this knowledge anyway!?

"Why do honey bees make honey?  Do they eat it?  How?  Do they have mouths?  Why do they have stingers?"  She's been fixated on bees and wasps lately.  I ordered her a book about bees from Amazon. It should be here tomorrow.  Today she told me, "Bees are so cute! But not their stingers."

When Hubby came home, Miss M told him she wants to be Scooby Doo for Halloween (she wants to be something else every other day, so we just take it in stride).  Hubby teasingly said, "Don't you want to be Marcus Fenix?"  She looked at him, rolled her eyes, and in a very mature voice said, "Daddy!  Don't make me be your favorite!"

(Little Guy explores everything with his one pointer finger.)

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  1. don't they ever grow fast? You are so right to enjoy the moments.
    So sweet.