Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More PreK

It's been quiet around here.  Well, not quiet exactly.  Rather noisy in fact.  Just very little remarkable taking place.  Little Guy is teething, and therefore not sleeping very well, which means Mama doesn't sleep well either.  And that leads to Mama taking a nap with the kiddos midday and not getting done the things she wants to do. But such is life with kids, isn't it?

We took a bit of a break toward the end of summer, but are back in the swing of things with Miss M's homeschooling.  We started PreK in March and are continuing it, along with lots of game-like supplements since she's very much interested in letters and spelling (though she's not quite reading yet). Her handwriting is getting to be really quite impressive for someone not quite four years old!

Some days we don't "do" school and instead she sews,



and explores all sorts of things!  She's learning all the time, so I don't mind a bit if we don't "do" school every day.

We joined a brand new homeschool co-op with families who have younger kids (so far lots of preschool, preK, and kindergarten kids)!  We had our kickoff event on Friday and it was a blast!  Here I am making blueberry pancakes with the kids for snack time.

As Hubby put it, we've just taken the first steps of a long journey.  One that will last us the better part of the next two decades.  It's exciting and not a little scary.  However, I am excited to follow this path God has laid before us and dedicate myself to this period of our lives.  A great deal of my identity in the next period of my life will be wrapped up in "homeschool mom."  I think I like the sound of that.


I uploaded a file of Miss M and her ukelele.  Enjoy!

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  1. Miss M did a good job playing her ukelele! It looks like she is learning a wide variety of things. I hope you are having a good start on your "homeschool mom" journey!