Sunday, September 18, 2011

Calvert Week in Review

Miss M enjoyed science most this week.  From the very first day she opened our Calvert box, she wanted to use the “themodeder” and she finally had her chance this week.  (I don’t let her play with stuff ahead of time or she’ll have nothing left to look forward to, right?)  She also loved charting people’s favorite fruits! I queried my friends and family on
Facebook so we’d have a nice list to work from.
For literature this week, Miss M was supposed to listen to “The Blue Jay’s Nest,” but I had her read it to me instead. She does very well!  But she was heartbroken about the eggs that fell from the nest and were broken.  Kids have such marvelous sensitive spirits!

In social studies she viewed photos and drawings and identified the difference between the two. At first I think she was a bit befuddled by the concept, not because she couldn’t tell the difference between the two images, but because who ever thought of comparing them?  But she quickly caught on.  Maps were always one of my favorite things (“were”…who am I kidding?), but Miss M seemed to be ambivalent about our mapping activities this week. Could have just been the mood she was in.
She is supposed to be using a number line to solve her math problems this week, but so far she’s just figuring in her head and finding answers that way. I encouraged her to use the number line anyway because it’s good to have tools to help us solve more difficult problems we may encounter in the future!

Little Guy was underfoot quite a bit this week. I had to be creative in ways to keep him entertained!  Clay did the trick several times, also dry beans and a muffin tin, and some counters and kitchen tongs!

Wednesday will be Miss M’s Lesson 20 Test!  She’s excited about it! Don’t you just love homeschooling!?

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