Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 2

Day two of KCWC!  Yesterday I finished both pairs of penguin pajamas before going to bed (at midnight!), but I didn't get pictures of them until this morning.

I used penguin printed thermal knit and ribbing (dark red for Miss M, and black for Little Guy including the sleeves).  I only had two yards of the thermal knit, so I was pleased to squeeze both pairs from it!

I made sizes 104 and 116, a little too big on purpose!!  And I fully intend on passing down the larger pair to Little Guy when Miss M outgrows them!

Today I made two pairs of fleece pajama pants -- making absolutely no effort to match the plaid! -- from 2 yards of polar fleece I got at JoAnn a couple years ago.  They are the Simo sweat pants pattern from Ottobre (4/2008, #27), but with no cuff.

I also made another pair of thermal knit pajamas (same pattern as the penguin ones) for Little Guy.  I only had one yard of the star print thermal, so no matchy-matchy this time.  Unfortunately, before I had a chance to take a picture of them, Little Guy put them on and after a while I heard his sweet voice coming from the other room:

Little Guy: "Oh no! It's making a mess!"
Me: "What's making a mess?"
Little Guy: "The pee!"
Me: *sigh*

I don't know what he was trying to do, but he managed to get pee all over the rug in the bathroom and on the floor and, of course, on himself.  Oh well, he needed a bath anyway and I needed to mop the bathroom.  Ha!  Needless to say, the star pajamas are in the wash and I'll photograph them tomorrow.

The last thing I made today before calling it quits was a fleece Hello Kitty hat for Miss M.  She saw one while shoe shopping the other day, but I couldn't stomach spending $10 on a hat.  Happily, I had all the supplies necessary to make my own on hand already!  I drafted the pattern myself, kind of making it up as I went along.  I think the "tails" are too long, but once she tries it on, I'll shorten them if I find it necessary.  She hasn't seen it yet, so I put it in her room where she'll find it in the morning!

I'm not sure what I'll work on tomorrow, but we have a birthday party on Saturday for a little boy who is turning 3, so I have a few ideas for him.  How is your sewing going?

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