Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Days 6 & 7

KCWC Day 6 found me deviating from the "rules" a little.  Instead of sewing kids clothing, I finished up a kids toy.  I started the mattresses for this Princess and the Pea a while back, but hadn't gotten around to finishing them, or sewing the princess herself.  With a little friend's fourth birthday right around the corner, I figured I'd better hurry up!

Little Guy came along just as I was about to stuff the princess and wanted to help.  I put a small pouch of zinc coated BBs in the bottom of her to counterbalance her heavy head!  Then we filled her with fluff. "Winnie the Pooh has fluff!" said the little mister.  "But not me. I'm full of bones!"

Her hair is wool suiting (washed and dried so as to be thick and wooly), her face is tea-dyed kitchen toweling, and her dress is a piece of cherry blossom quilting cotton I bought back when Miss M was a newborn!  I embroidered her eyes and mouth and used a stiff paint brush to brush my own blush on her cheeks.  Her hair accessory is plain old craft felt and a button from my late grandma's collection.

Day 7, all I did was cut out the pattern pieces for a Rapunzel dress for Miss M.  She's very anxious I get it finished in time for a bon fire the Friday before Halloween!  I haven't made any promises...

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  1. Love the princess and the pea project. I haven't seen that before how fun!