Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another T-Shirt Memory Quilt

After I made the first t-shirt quilt, I was immediately commissioned to make another one.  This time, I had less original material to work with, so I had to be creative.  I ran across this tutorial and decided it was exactly what I needed to make this second quilt.

I bought 12 fat quarters and 3 yards of sashing material, which turned out to be just about perfect! (I could have used another two fat quarters, but I made due with some creative piecing).

There are shirts from infancy on through marriage!  Sone of the shirts even belonged to the recipient's husband, including one from their first date!  My favorites are the ones made from the Girl Scouts shirt and vest complete with patches and pins!  I made sure to put them on the edges though 'cause I didn't think they'd be too comfortable to lay on.  The back is a soft plaid flannel shirting material.  I got all they had left at JoAnn and it still wasn't quite enough, so I had to piece it creatively too.

It took me a lot longer to make this one than the first one because then we were on break from school and now we are plugging away full time, which means I have less time to sew!  But I finally finished it and am quite pleased with the result.  Now Hubby says he's jealous of all the nice quilts I've been sewing for others and thinks I should start a nice one for us for next winter.  I do have a storage box of wool 4x4 squares in the garage that I picked up at an estate sale….  Hmmm…


  1. Like I said on Pinterest, I love this! So, you're making these for others?! Yeah, you need to make one for you guys next! :D

    1. Thanks! Yeah…I wish we had some memory-laden t-shirts hanging around…but we don't. I'm definitely going to have to make us a nice quilt one of these days though!!