Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Old Jeans to Bohemian Maxi Skirt

Nothing is cooler -- and at the same time modest -- than a maxi skirt in the summer!  Inspired by this pin, I converted an old pair of holey jeans into a cool, flowy maxi skirt.

I added a tiered skirt of cotton voile from with an underskirt of plain bleached muslin.

I was careful to pull the front pockets inside out before cutting and sewing so I wouldn't render them useless.  I love pockets and wouldn't want to sacrifice them!

Similarly, I did not want to cut off the back pockets!  So before cutting off the lower portion of the jeans, I picked out the stitching on the lower half of the pockets.  After adding the skirt, I re-stitched the pockets down right overtop the voile!  It's a detail I'm in love with!

It's comfy, cool, and versatile!
And feminine! I feel so pretty when I wear it!
Perfect for summer!


  1. Lovely - and very feminine! :)

  2. So happy I found this! I have some tiered fabric I bought at Joanne's a while back (it's actually got multiple like ruffled layers, so a bit different than this), and I had been hoping to make a skirt similar to this but wasn't sure where to start! I will definitely be using this to help m e out.

    1. Oh, I hope you do! It's my favorite skirt now!! :-)