Thursday, July 4, 2013

United States Panel Quilt

I saw this pretty United States panel print at JoAnn a few months ago -- on sale! -- for just a few dollars and couldn't resist buying it. Such bright colors! Such cute drawings on each state!

Little Guy driving across the U.S. while it was still a work in progress!
I've been thinking the kids need a more-kid-sized quilt since they're quickly outgrowing their toddler-sized ones.  So I added sashing and some blocks from flannel I had left over from other projects.

Finished quilt hanging on the garden fence.
The resulting quilt is, well, I never actually measured it, but it's smaller than twin size and larger than crib size.

I used a scrap of red knit to put a heart in Missouri. The kids thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Uh oh, now I've posted a close-up shot and you can see my horrible attempt at free-motion quilting!  It was my first attempt!  I have a lot to learn (obviously), but it was so much fun and the kids don't care at all, so I made myself let go of my perfectionism and just went with it this time.

The ocean turned out kind of cool and wave-like!  It's Canada that is a bit scary to look too close at. Hehe!

Hubby was funny when he saw me making it; he asked, "That's not for someone is it?  I mean, it's for us, right?"  I think he's been a bit jealous of the quilts I've made for others lately.  He was delighted we'd be keeping this one!

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. I love it! I can see why hubby didn't want to let it go. I'm sure the kids will have lots of fun with it.

  2. That's such a neat panel! Makes a great quilt.:)