Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ECC: USA, Part 1

After our first two weeks (Part 1, Part 2) of introductory material, we were ready to start out on our traveling adventures! We spent the next three weeks "traveling" around the USA, learning about it's geographical significance.


One of our texts for this year is Window on the World.  In it we read about a couple different people groups in North America where Bible translation work is on-going.  The kids loved that each section includes a list of items to pray about and to praise the Lord for!  We each take turns lifting these items before the Lord.

We also started reading about Christian heroes from Hero Tales, beginning with Dwight L. Moody.  I printed the copywork pages from Mama Jenn.  Miss M enjoys illustrating these pages.  Though at times her zany sense of humor comes through rather strongly!


Miss M has been trucking along through Singapore Math 2B.  I've been faithfully remembering to have her drill her basic math facts: addition on Mondays, subtraction on Tuesdays, multiplication on Wednesdays, and division on Thursdays. Fridays we forego our Singapore lessons and play math games -- often involving dice or spinners or timers or something of that nature.  I got a set of Wrap-Ups from a deal on Zulily that have been a big hit with Miss M.  But the favorite activity of all is playing Timez Attack! (And sometimes math lessons require ensconcing oneself in a little nook somewhere!)

Language Arts

I mentioned last time that we may end formal spelling lessons when we complete Spelling Power.  Well, I was thinking about that more and decided that once we reach that point I'm going to focus more on vocabulary (including proper spelling).  Miss M is very good at reading and spelling words, but she's only 7, so she hasn't been around long enough to learn all the words in the English language. *wink*  In other words, there's plenty of material out there for her to learn even though she is an excellent speller!  I ordered this book used from Amazon and I think it'll be an excellent place to start.  If you have a vocabulary resource you love, please let me know about it in the comments section!

Read Aloud

To enhance our "travels" in the USA, I selected The Cricket in Times Square to read aloud to the kids. They *loved* it!  Even Little Guy didn't want to miss a single word as we read.  I found some interesting resources on Pinterest to go along with it:

No one ever said that only the kids are allowed to be inspired by good literature, right?  'Cause I was inspired by The Cricket in Times Square to make a Chester Cricket stuffed toy.  Cute, no?


Since we spent most of last year studying the USA and all 50 states, this was nearly all review.  I quizzed Miss M on the states by handing her a blank map of the USA.  She correctly filled in every single state! That's pretty impressive, if you ask me!  We also looked up some facts about our flag and tried some regional recipes.  The New England Pumpkin Cake we made was gone so fast I didn't even have a chance to take a picture!


To complement our study of the countries of the world, we began studying the biomes of earth as well. We started with forests.  Miss M made a large poster of the layers of a forest, did a forest vocabulary page, and pasted some pictures of forest dwellers to the layer of the forest in which they'd likely spend most of their time.  We also watched some films about forests on Netflix -- my favorite was called Moving Art: Forests because it had no talking, just pretty pictures and pretty music!


We've been slowly working through our Tagalog flashcards working our way through the family members.  The kids love it!  It feels like a snail's pace to me, but they don't seem to mind!

I'll have to share the other books we enjoyed and our studies in art and music in Part 2.  We have certainly been enjoying our travels in the good old USA, but we're getting ready to move on to other parts of the world.  But as always, "Good things come to those who wait."

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