Friday, July 17, 2015

Hands-on Math: Weights and Measures

One of the most common questions I am asked about homeschooling is "What math do you use?"  Since the time we started using My Father's World a few years ago, we have stuck with their recommendation of Singapore Math.  Aside from one little foray into Math Mammoth (which I also loved and highly recommend), we have not found it necessary to supplement at all.

This year Miss M has been working through Singapore 3A and 3B.  She was so pleased with herself when she completed level 3A.  Of course, I was proud too!

Level 3A focused on working with larger numbers (up to 10,000) and really nailing in those multiplication and division tables.  One day I sat down with a pile of flashcards to drill Miss M and since my camera was handy, I snapped a few shots of her in constant motion.  Apparently acrobatics help with math fact memorization!

Level 3B moved on to some topics that really lent themselves to hands-on learning: length, weight, and capacity.

Miss M measured liters of water to see how many would fill a bucket, a tub.  She weighed out a kilogram, a pound, a gram, and an ounce of rice to see just how much each of those units is.  These are some of her favorite lessons, and with good reason!

The weight activity I saw on Pinterest, but the capacity activity was written right in her textbook.  And of course no study of capacity would be complete without this great video!

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