Thursday, August 6, 2009

My picky eater and deer

I don't know how people with kids eat vegan. I really don't. We're not vegan or vegetarian or anything, but I am having such a hard time getting Miss M to eat healthy. She won't touch vegetables or fruit. She eats bread (especially crackers and pasta) well. She loves cheese. She does moderately well with chicken and beef.  And she takes a daily multiple vitamin. But she has a serious sweet tooth (thanks to her father!) and is constantly asking for sweets instead of eating her real food. Asking for sweets, not getting sweets, mind you.

Here's how the morning went.  She had a bite of my "midnight snack" last night -- a bowl of oatmeal -- and liked it. So she asks for some this morning. She stirs it, nibbles a bit, and asks for juice. Okay, so I give her apple juice. She's allowed to have 2 half-glasses a day (any more than that and she gets the runs).  Next thing you know she's asking for chocolate (as if I ever give her chocolate for breakfast)!  Then she's asking for a butterscotch hard candy...then cookies...then M&Ms...then more juice...  I don't mind giving her a small treat once or twice a day. What harm could 4 M&Ms do?  But she has to eat real food too!  I know she's just testing her boundaries like a normal 2-almost-3-year-old. But it wears on me...especially with my patience level already compromised by pregnancy hormones.

Just before naptime, Miss M looked out the bedroom window and shouted, "Deer!" Sure enough, there was a doe and her fawn strolling through the backyard having a clover snack. They meandered long enough for me to actually grab my camera this time.

Doe and Fawn

The quality's not too bad for having been taken through a dusty, screened, UV-filtering bedroom window!  It sure is fun seeing God's creatures like this right outside.

Both last night and this morning I spent some time cutting out the garments for my sewing plan.  No pictures yet of the progress, but here's a revised storyboard complete with my fabric choices. The only thing I need is a coordinating ribbing for the "Bubblegum dots skirt."  The main fabric I'm using is a delicious chocolate brown velour, but the ribbing I have doesn't go at all.  I need to buy thread this weekend anyway, so I'll pick up just 1/8 to 1/4 of a yard of something that matches better. That shouldn't cost too much.


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