Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dress prototype

Miss M has been promised a Cinderella dress for her birthday.  Knowing that McCall's and Simplicity patterns tend to run super wide for my slim daughter, I decided to do some pre-measuring and a prototype before cutting into my "good" fabric.  As suspected, it came out wide...but it definitely passes the 2-almost-3-year-old test.  She declared quite vehemently, "I'm going to keep wearing it. It's clothes."  (Can you tell she is frequently told to put "clothes" on and not stay in her pajamas all day?)  I haven't even hemmed it yet...and it's too wide so the sleeves slip down her shoulders giving it a decidedly naughty look -- not the look I'm going for on my toddler!  But, for this evening, she's a happy peasant-princess.

Miss M loves to dress up.  Today she told me she wanted to be "a super" with a cape and a mask.  She frequently plays as a magician, a princess, a butterfly, a bird, or a ballerina.  That's when she's not busy being a Mommy to her "baby brother" doll.  (She's still doesn't quite grasp the concept of brother/sister, so all her dollies came out of her tummy and are her baby brother...even if they're girls. Tee hee!)

Since this dress doesn't really fit her, I'm thinking about listing it up on Etsy...any tips on how to improve it beforehand?  More embellishments?  Obviously I'll hem it.  Should I add an underskirt trimmed with some of the same lace that's on the front of the bodice?


  1. that turned out really cute! I wish I could sew.

  2. It's absolutely lovely! Can't wait for the next version.

  3. Thank you! I just finished the next version and it fits much better. I think I may dismantle this first one and re-make it since the color suits her so well.

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