Thursday, October 22, 2009

Second dress prototype

My first Cinderella dress prototype was a big hit with Miss M, but unfortunately it didn't fit her properly.  I scrounged up some more fabric scraps my mom gave me a while back and came up with a second prototype.  This one fits much better!  I also took the time to do a few details that came to me a bit late in the making of prototype #1, namely tucks in the skirt, eyelet lace peeking out from the hemline and echoed at the neckline, and a lace-up back.  (I do need to get a more appropriate bit of ribbon since this sheer stuff is a little too fragile for an energetic toddler.)

Making these is dangerously fun!  I have a feeling there will be more incarnations in the future.  Why, oh why does everyone I know have boys instead of girls!?  How many princess dresses can one little girl handle anyway?

Oh, and yes, it was raining when I took the pictures...and the cement was quite chilly for bare feet!  But Miss M thought it was the best fun she'd had all week to go out in the rain.   I could hardly get her to come back in.


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  2. This is sooo adorable. You are incredibly talented!!! I've just recently taken on an interest in sewing Did you use a pattern for this? What would you say the difficulty is? I don't even have a sewing machine yet, but I'm getting one soon. Doing alot of research first. Don't want to spend A fortune but want a good one...any suggestions? Advice?