Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handmade abdominal pillow

While at the hospital, I was delighted to be presented with this handmade abdominal pillow.  A nurse gave it to me immediately after I woke up from having surgery with the instructions to carry it with me every where I go and use it to "splint" my tummy if I feel the need to cough or sneeze or the like.

I simply love the fact that it's handmade!  Someone, some volunteer probably, made it with their own hands.  It could have been an elderly woman filling her spare time with volunteer work.  It could have been a young girl learning to sew and donating her services to a good cause.  I'll bet it was someone local.  For some reason that especially warms my heart.  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting many crafters after my own heart in real life (other than family), so the knowledge that there are crafty caring people locally is heartwarming.  Okay, so maybe I'm a bit too drugged, but anyway, this is one much appreciated pillow!

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