Thursday, March 4, 2010

Songs of the birds

We're finally getting some decent weather.  I couldn't be more ecstatic!  The only problem is I need to make Miss M's flower girl dress and my bridesmaid (er...bridesmatron?) dress this month...including mock-ups before cutting into the silk.

Between yesterday and today, I got the pattern pieces all traced and cut out for the mock-up of the bodice of my dress.  I'm using some weird fabric my sister gave me for that purpose (unknown content, strange mauve-ish color).  It's about the same weight and hand as the silk, so hopefully it'll work well.  I plan to use a vintage sheet for Miss M's and make an actual wearable dress for her muslin.

So while I need to be inside sewing every chance I get, the songbirds are enchanting me with their melodies.  Come out.  Feel the warmth of freshly liberated sunbeams.  Sing with us the songs of Spring.  Come out.  The dancing wind is waking the groggy trees.  Soon it'll be green again.  Come out.  Come out!

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  1. Ah yes, the promise of spring! It makes it very hard to stay inside and do what needs to be done.