Monday, May 24, 2010

PreK Lesson 20 Section Review

Today marks the completion of our first section of Calvert's PreK curriculum! We took almost three months to complete our first 20 lessons, but that's because I took a two-month hiatus while sewing dresses for the wedding.  Since the wedding, however, we've been happily completing a lesson a day!  We're having so much fun! Some of the material is quite a ways below Miss M, but since this is preschool and I'm really only interested in getting her used to the routine and concept of "lessons", I don't mind much.  She wrote her first word the other day...MAMA!  And since then has been writing all sorts of words.  This weekend we were at Books-A-Million* and I bought her the first set of Bob Books 'cause this child is ready to read!  She may not quite get the hang of it till closer to her 4th birthday, but she's well on her way and definitely has the interest.

But I digress...

In honor of completing her 20 lesson review, I made her a certificate of achievement. (Miss M loves certificates!)

If you click the image, you can download the pdf file to print off for your own students!  (I love free stuff, so I figured I'd share!)  Although I designed it specifically for Calvert Homeschool 20 lesson review, I made it generic enough to be used by just about any homeschool family.  Enjoy!

*Books-A-Million allowed me to sign up for their Educator's Discount by showing Miss M's student ID card (from Calvert) and my own ID.

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