Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cute Knit Bird

I found this darling knit bird pattern free from the Handmade Holiday post on Plain and Joyful Living.  I made a little I-cord worm to go with it per Miss M's insistence.

To make it a little safer for my young children, I used a pipe cleaner for the feet (it's all one piece and the sharp ends go way inside the stuffing so even the baby can handle it) and felt for the beak.  I really like the look of the wooden feet in the original pattern, but it wouldn't have been practical for our home.  (I wanted to make a toy, not a decoration).

If I can wrest it away from Miss M, it will be a Christmas present for one of her cousins.

The pretty purple yarn was just a two inch ball of wool (leftovers my mom gave me).  It suits the birdie perfectly, don't you think?


  1. How cute! I especially like the worm! Ha!

  2. Thanks! Miss M was adamant about having a worm for the bird to eat. Luckily I had some cotton yarn just the right color.