Friday, September 9, 2011

Calvert Week in Review

It was a short week since Monday was Labor Day. We took the day off from school since Daddy was home from work.  Then Tuesday felt like Monday and Wednesday felt like Tuesday and by the time Friday rolled around I was all jumbled up!  Miss M on the other hand keeps careful track of the day of the week and the current date. Right now her reason for doing so is the new “hero” on Super Why! that will be premiering on Monday.  She always finds something to count down to!

We finally received our social studies book today!!  We have managed without it, but I’m glad it came.

Miss M very much enjoyed measuring this week, using both nonstandard and standard methods.  She now knows that her school desk is 4 combs wide, or 22 inches.  And she loved being able to take paperclips out of my canister; she’s not typically allowed to touch them!  This week’s Math also focused on counting and writing numbers 1-10.  She is doing so well with holding her pencil properly!!!

Reading is still far below her level, but she enjoys it.  We skim right over the phonics stuff since she seems to have internalized it all so well already.  She volunteered to read our literature selection one day this week, “The Straw Ox.”  There were only a few words she didn’t know right off!  I may have her do more out-loud reading of longer passages.

Math this week also included some online games that Miss M really loved! She plays lots of online games and begged to play these over and over.

The week was relatively uneventful and passed by in a blur!

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  1. I didn't know you were home schooling the kids. That's so awesome! You are seriously my role model! :) I want Amelia to start reading soon too. Any tips? My girl just remembers whichever letters she wants to remember and ignore the rest! lol