Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Awesome Bulk Cooking Day

Over the long weekend, my friend Melly and I got together to do some bulk cooking!  We had a lot of fun, but boy-howdy, it was a lot of work!

We pared and chopped 10 pounds of sweet potatoes, 10 pounds of red potatoes, 10 pounds of carrots, and so on.

Then we assembled four one-gallon bags (two for each of us) time nine recipes for a grand total of 36 meals!  Each gallon bag is a single crockpot-worth of food, which for my family will actually be at least two meals and a lunch.

I found recipes via Pinterest, made a mega shopping list, and this is what we made:

I have made the curry, BBQ chicken, and goulash before and we liked them.  I thought the curry needed salt, so I added 1 tsp. per bag this time around.  Otherwise, no changes.  We laughed at one recipe that called for a can of V8.  I bought a 46 ounce can and Melly showed up with one the size of a can of soda!  According to the comments on the Melissa's original post, the smaller can is correct.  Guess mine'll be extra soupy!

As you can see, I covered the kitchen table with brown craft paper to make cleanup easier!  I'm so glad I did -- there was enough of a mess as it was!!

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