Sunday, December 16, 2012

T-Shirt Memory Quilt

I've been sewing like a fiend!  I made two patchwork peasant dresses with another one cut out and waiting. I made an underdress and overdress outfit for Miss M to wear in my dad's wedding.  I made Little Guy a vest and tie to wear in the wedding.  And I made this massive queen-sized t-shirt quilt!
T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Mind you, I'm no quilter, so I probably did 101 things you're not supposed to do, but all in all I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!  I was given 30 shirts and used all of them (most had images on both the front and the back, a total of over 50 squares each measuring 15.5 inches).  I stabilized all the knits with ultra lightweight interfacing (a Black Friday doorbuster item at JoAnn) and backed the entire thing with a pretty purple geometric-print flannel (also from JoAnn on Black Friday).  I didn't get a photo of the back (lucky to even get this shot!), but there's also one row of t-shirts on the back.  The couple I made it for is giving it to their daughter for Christmas.  Isn't that a wonderful gift!?

As much fun as I had sewing it, I'm so glad it's done.  I love meeting (and beating!) a deadline.  The euphoria and sense of freedom after completing a big project is exhilarating!