Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miss M's Favorite Gross Books

Miss M loves to read! She learned to read when she was just four. And I can't even take credit for it! I provided learning materials like the Bob Books and I've always read to her, but she really just taught herself. (Sorry to all you mom's who wonder how parents teach their kids to read. I'm no help! Maybe I'll have a chance to figure it out with Little Guy in the next few years). Recently, she's been fascinated with germs, bacteria, and poop. Seriously. She devours anything she can find on these topics! Her two favorite books lately have been:

Micro Mania: A Really Close-Up Look at Bacteria, Bedbugs, & the Zillions of Other Gross Little Creatures That Live In, On & All Around You! 

which she got for Christmas and now her new favorite is:

That's Gross!: Icky Facts That Will Test Your Gross-Out Factor.

Both are books you'd expect to fascinate a little boy (yep, that darn gender stereotyping again!), but no, my sweet little princess loves them!  You know how some folks find certain body parts/bodily functions like bottoms and toots to be absolutely hysterical?  Well, that's Miss M to a T!  She doesn't just dissolve into giggles either; nope, she whoops and hollers and is so LOUD about it!  It's impossible not to laugh along with her, no matter how unfunny I generally find germs and patooties to be.

Isn't it funny how different from us our kids can be?  And frankly, I'd rather have her read about microbiology than be obsessed with pink and princesses!

Do you have any other "gross" books to recommend for Miss M?  What do your kids like to read?


  1. Strange Beginnings (Growing up series) has been a favorite around here for years. I hadn't seen the Micro Mania book before...sounds like something my girls would love!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! That does sound like one we'd enjoy. :-)

  3. She might really like this website: My kids (older, of course) have enjoyed the little videos that are on it. :D

    1. Yep...I pulled it up and she's busy watching a video about the urinary system. And loving it! LOL! Thanks for the suggestion!