Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tartan Scottie Dog

Miss M and Little Guy were invited to a Rockstar themed party for a little friend's first birthday!  We needed to come up with not only rockstar outfits, but also a gift for the birthday boy.  After all, he may be the youngest of five brothers, but he's a special and unique individual!  Miss M suggested a stuffed animal.  I remembered seeing this cutie on Pinterest, so I dashed off a copy of the pattern and got to work.

The tartan material is a polyester-blend suiting scrap I "inherited" from somewhere.  The scrap was just the right size for this pattern!  And since it was a gift for a young child, I sewed down the ribbon/bow and secured the button eyes extra tight.

My two sweet rockstars!  The night before the party, as we were going to bed, Little Guy took my face in his hands and asked ever so sweetly if I would draw a star on his eye for his rockstar outfit.  How could I refuse?  (Apparently he had seen an image like that when we were browsing Google images for outfit ideas).

This is his very best rockstar pose, uncaring expression and all.  Ha!  But they had so much fun! And the adorable tartan Scottie has found a loving home, though I'm pretty sure Little Guy wanted to keep him for himself.


  1. Awe!! I am sooo pleased you made one and that it turned out so gorgeous!! Happy Rock Star Birthday!


  2. Woooooooof WOW - one question: what did u use for stuffing as it looks so lump-less and evenly stuffed?

    1. I use Morning Glory Cluster Stuff Polyester Fiber. It comes cheap at Walmart and is the best critter or pillow stuffing I've ever used! I've also found it at Hobby Lobby.