Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Jeggings and Legwarmers

Precocious little Miss M has been growing like a weed!  Several pairs of pants she could wear at the beginning of fall are now quite short on her.  You know what that means, right?  Time to sew!

I already had the Superstretch jeggings (Ottobre 4/2011 #3) in size 116 traced and some denim knit material on hand, so I whipped up a pair (over the course of two days) of new jeggings for her.  She's not quite ready for a size 116, but since she just keeps on growing, I'm not concerned.

I also made her a pair of legwarmers from some fun sport weight yarn my mom gave me.  I used an easy pattern from Tangled Happy.  Since the pattern was written to fit size 7/8, I sized down a little by making my initial chain 37 and continuing for a total of 35 rounds.  I also swapped out the pink satin ribbons shown here for some yellow grosgrain ribbon because it stays tied better.

Miss M loves them!  And they make a wonderful addition to her wardrobe for those awkward transitional weather days when it's cold in the morning, hot midday, and cold again in the evening.

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