Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adventures in U.S. History Week 7

This week we did several activities related to Jesus as the Bread of Life.  We baked bread using the recipe in the teacher's manual (a simple recipe that has you raise the dough in a warm oven).  Miss M did most of the work herself!

Ingredients for baking bread: warm water, yeast, honey, flour, salt, and oil.
Miss M carefully measuring out whole wheat flour.

She also made a napkin holder with bread-shaped ends declaring Jesus is the Bread of Life!  Unfortunately, we haven't used it yet since I don't have any napkins right now.

In history we've been reading about the French pioneers who paddled up rivers in birch bark canoes. Miss M made a canoe out of construction paper.

Although Miss M has been reading at a late-2nd or early-3rd grade level for a while now, she hasn't been particularly interested in reading chapter books until this week! She picked up a copy of The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West that had been my dad's when he was a boy and then was my brother's and mine when we were little and couldn't put it down!

She kept saying, "Mom! A secret door!"  "MOM! A SECRET STAIRCASE!"  "Oh no! Joey Brill said he's going to take all the cats away!"  Every chapter ends with some degree of suspense, so she wants to keep on reading.  It's delightful to watch her devour a book I enjoyed so much when I was young.  What's even better is that I have several more Happy Hollisters books just waiting for her!  I'm ecstatic that she's enjoying reading on her own and encourage her to free-read as much as possible.  I even took our dictation passage from her book this week!

*gasp* I just discovered that some of The Happy Hollisters books (affiliate link) have been reprinted! GET THEM! They're so much fun!

Since chapter books are apparently now on the menu for Miss M, I added a new type of book to the Book Basket this week.  Do you remember choose-your-own-adventure books?  I loved them when I was a kid! But I was never very good at making decisions as I went. I used to mark a place with my finger and then read ahead "just to see what happens" with the intention of coming back and reading the other path later. I'd end up with most of my fingers in the pages marking all the different spots! Miss M has really enjoyed this one.  It's called Colonial America (You Choose: Historical Eras)affiliate link

We took our nature walk a day early and looked for signs of spring.

Little Guy and Miss M examining a game trail for tracks.
Miss M feeling the new baby grass that is beginning to sprout up.
Spring has finally arrived in our parts!  We had such a long winter and before that such a dry, hot fall and summer, that it's wonderful to see things getting green again!

We found a tiny purple flower growing in the woods! 
Since I seem to be recommending books this week, I'll end with another one that we've enjoyed.

It's a fun rhyming picture book about the different kids of bread that people eat all over the world!  It's been a fun addition to our study of bread the past two weeks.

Our adventures from previous weeks:

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