Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adventures in U.S. History Week 9

Last weekend I was busy getting all ready for Kids Clothes Week and didn't get my week-in-review post up!  I figure I better get it posted before I get any further behind.

Little Guy has been "doing school" with Ooka Island (review coming soon!) and is learning to read!  He has collected five books in the game and is so proud of his achievements!

This is the Path to Reading that documents Little Guy's progress on Ooka Island.
I think Little Guy feels a little left out since he doesn't know how to read yet (he's only 3!).  He sees how much fun his big sister has reading and he wants to join in the fun!

Reading about the seasons upside-down.

Most days, book basket time goes something like this with Miss M getting lost in a book for at least 15 minutes.

Tuesday my mom came, so we made Tuesday our Friday and just did math, reading, and our nature walk.  Nana brought her rigid heddle table loom and showed us all how to weave a placemat.

It was a cold, gloomy day, but we took a nice nature walk anyway.  We discovered lots of wild onions growing.

Wild onions growing in abundance.

Wild onion.
Later in the week we saw a turkey vulture near the house. Such ugly creatures!

Miss M learned about how the earth is tilted on its axis and that's why we have seasons.  We demonstrated this idea with a bare-bulb lamp and a small ball-globe.

It was a fun, busy week!  Miss M got very excited when she realized next week will be our 10th week of 2nd grade!

Our adventures from previous weeks:

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