Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kids Clothes Week day 3 -- mesh tank top

While this shirt is neither very springy nor very practical (save for the hottest of hot days in summer), it is a big hit with Little Guy!

The pattern is the "Victor" mesh tank top from Ottobre 1/2013 #15 (in size 98).  I have another cut out from more practical material, but I really had fun making this one out of mesh fabric from JoAnn and a scrap from an old t-shirt for the yellow bit.  The ribbing is also from JoAnn.

Little Guy thinks it makes him look tough…wouldn't you agree?

He's too much of a sweetheart to look tough for long though!  I love his little compact bod! :-)

Tomorrow's project…a pair of shorts for Miss M!


  1. This is cute, I am always on the lookout for boy patterns. I like the mesh, was it difficult to sew with?

    1. I didn't find the mesh fabric to be any harder to sew with than a tissue weight jersey. It requires some careful pinning and a gentle start (don't want the end getting sucked down into the sewing machine, ya know!), but otherwise it wasn't bad! The rib knit I used is quite stable and hefty, so that helped, I'm sure. :-)

  2. I love it!! don't forget to put it up on flickr!

  3. He is soooo cute - love the mesh shirt!

  4. The mesh tank looks great! He's such a cutie!