Monday, May 27, 2013

Adventures in U.S. History Week 14

Week 13 of Adventures in U.S. History is earmarked for Thanksgiving. It is a stand-alone week that can be moved to an appropriate time of year.  Since we started our school year in February, we'll likely do Week 13, or Thanksgiving Week, as a finisher for our school year.

We "travelled" through a few more states this week!  Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina.  Miss M was a bit distraught that "Maryland" isn't pronounced Mary-land.  Miss M's favorite book about states in our basket book so far has been Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America by Lynne Cheney. (affiliate link)  The illustrations are fun and engaging and it's simply loaded with interesting facts about the states!

Our 50 States by Lynne Cheney

In science we learned about the American Robin, Black-Capped Chickadees, and Northern Orioles.  All three of which we have as regular backyard visitors.  We sat outside and listened carefully to identify the songs of these three birds.  Orioles have such loud voices!

Trying to sneak up on an American Robin.  It never works, but she always tries!
We had some Life Skills lessons this week…How to Wash the Dishes!  We may need more work in this area, but since Little Guy and Miss M were so enthusiastic, I didn't have the heart to stop or correct them much.  Next time, though, we're going to have a little chat about rinsing the dishes!

Congratulations to Miss M for completing Singapore Math 1B!  Beginning Week 15, she will be moving on to Singapore Math 2A.  It's always such a great feeling to complete a workbook, isn't it?  Even though Miss M was presented with some new concepts (multiplication, for one), we never ran into any rough patches.  Whether that is because Miss M picks up concepts easily or because the curriculum builds upon previous knowledge in an effective manner is unknown.  Either way, we're excited to move on to 2A!

The finale of our week was (finally!) getting to build the soda bottle bird feeder that came with our curriculum.  Everybody pitched in!

Daddy and Little Guy filling the soda bottle with birdseed.
Miss M screwing on the bird feeder lid.
And I hung it in a tree, ready for some feathered visitors!
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we're extending our "spring break" from one week to two.  Why?  Because we can!  Once the weather gets hot we won't want to be out in it as much, and because we're taking a break now we'll be able to hit the books with renewed vigor.  But don't worry, I have some fun activities planned that I'll share with you, so you won't have to miss my weekly updates too much!  Until then…

Enjoy your adventuring!

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  1. we like to do school through the summer when it is too hot to be outside. then we can be out playing when the weather is cooler

  2. Great Job, Miss M! How do you like Primary Mathematics? I actually bought the K level for Jaden. The program B used was "Math in Focus: Singapore Math', which we despised. But the Primary Mathematics (I looked at the levels at the HS fair) look GREAT! I wish that was what we had to use with the virtual school. B went back to Horizons for now (the format just works well for her), but I'm anxious to start Jaden on it.

    1. We liked it a lot! Most days there are a couple pages from the Textbook then 2-4 pages (averaging maybe 6 questions per page) in the Workbook. It never seemed wearisome or illogical in progression. I'm curious to see how it goes in the next level!

  3. I'm enjoying your weekly Adventures updates. I will be starting this curriculum in the fall with my daughter, and it looks great so far.

    1. Thank you! We are really enjoying it! I hope you end up liking it as much as we do!!