Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Medieval History Memory Game

"Mama, will you play a game with me?"

I hear these words at least ten times every day.  Miss M loves games!  She'd rather play a game than do almost anything else.

Our newest addition to our game collection is the Medieval History Memory Game from The Classical Historian.

I'm sure you're familiar with the traditional format of the game of Memory.  You lay out tiles; one person turns over two tiles, hoping for a match; then it's the next person's turn.  The trick is to remember where the tiles you see are located so you can make more matches than your opponent(s).

In this version of the game the tiles are pictures from medieval world history for the four major regions of the world: Arabia, the Far East, Europe, and the Americas.  The game helps your child become familiar with the important people, monuments, maps, artifacts, and symbols that they will encounter in their studies of medieval history.

  • 64 matching cards
  • 2 gameplay types
  • long-lasting, sturdy tiles
  • $14.95

Our game arrived as a set of perforated cards.  After punching out the tiles, we were ready to play!  Sadly, one set of tiles was marred by a printing error, but the company was quick to respond to my request for replacement cards. After putting our patience to practice, the replacement cards got here in just a few days accompanied by a sweet hand written note.  And then we really were ready to play!

One of the damaged tiles. They were replaced hassle-free!
The tiles are beautiful, sturdy cardboard with full color, glossy images.  The box is also sturdy and just the right size to hold the cards.  Miss M and I enjoyed a challenging game of Memory followed by a game of Categories.  That was quite a bit harder for her since we haven't actually studied any medieval history yet!

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I can see that this sort of history game is a great asset to a home school as a way to reinforce the people, places, and artifacts of various periods of history!  We all had a great time playing together and discussing what some of the hitherto unexperienced bits of history that we came across.  Oh, and mamas beware, my ability to remember where the tiles are is significantly stronger in the morning than in the evening.  Just sayin'!

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  1. Great Review!!!! I can't wait to get the Go Fish Game. :D