Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adventures in U.S. History Week 22

I got a bit behind in my blogging about our weekly Adventures!  I'm going to catch up now because I know there are lots of other homeschool mamas out there looking for ideas and inspiration in their own homeschool adventures.  I hope to stay caught up after that!

This week we learned about George Washington Carver.  He was an African-American scientist who developed hundreds of uses for peanuts, soy beans, pecans, and sweet potatoes.  His innovations were a great boon to southern farmers.  To honor his contribution to history, we made sweet potato pie.

Miss M mashing sweet potatoes for sweet potato pie.
The recipe was included in our Teacher's Manual for Adventures in U.S. History by My Father's World.  And oh, my stars!  It is so good!!

Delicious sweet potato pie!
We learned about why a body needs a head and why Jesus is called the head of the church.  The human body is one of Miss M's favorite subjects and she spent several hours pouring over human anatomy books.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of that part of our week!  And we didn't get around to making a quilt to go with our study of covered wagons, but that's okay.

At the end of the week we took a trip to the county fair!  Miss M and I had each entered some items.  Last year it was so hot that we didn't go to the fair at all.  It was a much more tolerable temperature this year!

This is about as good a family picture as we're able to get these days.
The first thing we did at the fair was to visit the exhibit room.  I always enjoy seeing the variety of items people enter!  One year I won first place for my loaf of yeast bread…of course, it was the only entry in that category!  You just never know what there will be from year to year!

Each of Miss M's items received a ribbon!  A blue first place ribbon for the skirt she made.

A red second place ribbon for her Get to Work Apron.  She said she thought this one would win first place and was surprised that the skirt did in stead. 

And a white third place ribbon for the Hello Kitty figurine she painted with her Nana.

Hubby's parents went to the fair with us and in typical grandma fashion his mom started bragging on Miss M to any stranger who happened to be standing nearby.  It's always so much fun to enter items into the fair!

Afterwards we rode some carnival rides.  Miss M and I made the mistake of riding the Spider Octopus. Our mismatched weights caused the car to spin out of control the entire time so that we both came off it a bit green.  Hopefully that's out of her system for a while.  At least until she's a teenager, right?

It was mostly a week of the same-old, same-old.  We're chugging our way through the murky middle section of our school year.  But we have some really fun and exciting weeks coming up!  Next week we get to Missouri…the one Miss M has been waiting for!

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