Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{Book} Review: A Light for My Path

Okay, let's cut to the chase on this one.
This book is AWESOME!
I love it.
You will too.
So go buy it!
The end.

What? You think I should tell you why it's so awesome?

Okay, fine.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

It's based on Scripture.

It has the most gorgeous illustrations. I'm a total sucker for books with excellent artwork.

It is meant to be shared by parent and child. Cuddle time!

It helps little kids learn their ABCs.

Each page has a picture of God's creation that begins with the letter featured on that page.

The name of the plant or animal pictured does not appear anywhere on the page, leaving room for the reader's intelligence. I've been known to hug books that treat their readers as intelligent beings.

The creature from the previous page can be seen in the background of the next page. I adore details like that!

It helps kids identify both the capital and lowercase forms of each letter.  That's an important pre-reading skill!

It teaches love for God's Word to those who read it, especially children!

It repeats the words: "God's Word, law, statutes, decrees, commands, and precepts" over and over. This helps kids remember that any one of these terms can be used to refer to Scripture.

Learning to love God's written words will lead children and adults alike to fall in love with the living Word, God's only Son, Jesus Christ.

It lists 26 attributes of the Word of God in alphabetical order. Be still my OCD heart.

It introduces the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet using Psalm 119.  Since much of the Bible was originally written in Hebrew, this could give my kids a special connection to the text.

It includes all 176 verses of Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible!) in a translation that uses a sentence structure and vocabulary that native English speakers of all ages can understand. (It's the NIV ©1984, in case you're wondering.)

Need I go on?

A Light for My Path -- An ABC Book Based on Psalm 119
Written by Davis Carman
Illustrated by Alice Ratterree
Published by Apologia Press
ISBN: 978-1-940110-03-5
Price: $14.00
Sample pages

I'm not the only one who likes this book.  Miss M has been seen carrying it off to her favorite reading spots several times.  She has also read it aloud to me while I do housework a handful of times.  A book that gets read is, in my estimation, a success!!

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  1. I ALWAYS LOVE your reviews...I really LOVE the beginning of this one!