Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ECC: USA, Part 2

We spent two weeks introducing our year (Part 1, Part 2) and shared Part 1 of our travels in the USA. Here's part two before heading off to visit our neighbors to the north.


This year we are reading through the book of Matthew.  To help us along the way, we made bookmarks featuring the name Matthew or Matthaios in ancient Greek.  This is the language the book of Matthew was originally written in.  The back of our bookmarks have the readings for the year broken down into portions with a space for checking off each one as we go.

Miss M never reads her Bible without a dry highlighter in her hand…and she highlights everything she reads.  I think she would eventually like to have her entire Bible highlighted.  Hey, if that's what it takes to get her in the Word, then it's fine by me!


Somedays when you wake up and it's bitter cold outside, you just need some fresh scones and a tea party to get ya going!

For USA we listened to some Wee Sing Around the World: a song in the language of the Omaha Tribe and the Eentsy Weentsy Spider.  (We always sing it Itsy-Bitsy though).  The kids loved them both!  Lots of good excuses to dance and prance around, going over and under, around and through.  We also studied the hymn Rescue the Perishing that we enjoyed very much!


We continued our study of Van Gogh in our final weeks of USA.  You can see our art "wall" in the kitchen where we posted our new works as we studied them.  Little Guy was particularly bothered by the red color on Van Gogh's ear in his self portrait.  He thought he must have gotten sunburned and that it looked yucky.  In fact, he repeatedly told me how much he didn't like the self portrait at first, but a few weeks later he told me that he changed his mind and he likes that one best.
We used this sunflower project as a springboard to make our own.  Miss M used acrylic paint, crayon, and chalk pastels.  I'm getting a nice frame to put her finished product in!

Farewell USA Picnic

To wind up our stay in the USA, we had an indoor picnic!  It was much too cold to have a real picnic, but we had fun.  My mom came to visit that day and joined our festivities.  We served hamburgers with all the fixin's, carrot sticks, potato salad, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese pearls, and pink lemonade!  I had a few toothpick pinwheels in patriotic colors from when we celebrated the one year anniversary of Hubby becoming a US citizen.  They added the perfect touch to our burgers!

We enjoyed learning about our own country -- Miss M said her favorite new thing she learned was about the colors of our flag, their meaning, and that Congress did not establish a meaning for them -- but we're excited to move on to another country!  We'll be "flying" to Canada soon!

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