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{Book} Review: NKJV Adventure Bible

One of the most exciting times in a child's life is when they are beginning to unlock the mysteries of the written word. We are just starting to get there with my son. He'll be five soon and has been working his way through our kindergarten curriculum. He's beginning to find -- and read! -- words everywhere! From street signs to grocery store advertisements to picture books to song lyrics. He is beginning both to recognize familiar words and to sound out new-to-him words! I know it won't be long before he develops into a fluent and avid reader, just like his big sister, and just like me!

Because Little Guy will soon be reading on his own, I wanted to get him a Bible, God's Holy Word, of his own. Although it is somewhat more difficult than a children's translation, Hubby suggested we get the NKJV for Little Guy since that is what he uses. Like father like son, right? I was very pleased when I received a free copy of the NKJV Adventures Bible from Zondervan.

About the Book

The Adventure Bible has been around for several years now in the ever popular NIV, but now it is available in the classic text of the New King James Version! And this gorgeous text is just brimming with color and extra little tidbits of information that draw kids in and captivate their imaginations, teaching them about the Scriptures and furthering their relationship with God. Some of the features include:
  • Life in Bible Times—Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in ancient days
  • People in Bible Times—Articles offer close-up looks at amazing people of the Bible
  • Let’s Live It!—Hands-on activities help kids apply biblical truths to their life
  • Did You Know?—Interesting facts help kids understand God's Word
  • Words to Treasure—Great verses to memorize
  • Book introductions, a concordance, and 8 pages of full-color maps

Adventure Bible, NKJV
Features written by Lawrence O. Richards
ISBN: 978-0310746263
Publisher: Zonderkids, a division of Zondervan
1,568 pages

From the dot-dot-dot path prints to the X-marks-the-spot symbols, from the bright red parrots and poison green frogs, there is color on every page bringing additional information and insights. This Bible is FUN to look at! It evokes a piratey adventure journey complete with chests piled with gold coins (I mean, Words to Treasure) that is both pleasing to the eye and exciting for young children -- boys in particular.

The Adventure Bible would be perfect for boys of any age -- from the emerging reader (hey, they grow and learn fast!) to the intrepid early teen embarking on a new phase of life. Even my kindergartener is enjoying thumbing through the pages, spying out maps and charts, looking for words he knows, and asking someone older than him to read Scripture to him from it. Best of all, when Daddy reads aloud from his Bible, the little tyke can follow along with his own text because the words are the same! Although he can't read on his own yet, Little Guy can't wait to carry his new Bible to church with him this week!

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