Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Home for Sycamore Hill

Two months ago we closed on our first house!  We were on break from school at the time, which was a huge blessing.  After getting moved and settling in a little (digging ourselves out of boxes!) it was Christmas and then time to start a new school year.  And all the while I've neglected my poor blog!

It's not much, but it's OURS!

But I'm back now!  And I'm going to show you our new school room set up in the basement.  It's ah-MAY-zing to have a dedicated school space!  Being able to just run upstairs for lunch and return to our open books and half-finished papers is a huge blessing.  Not to mention the fantastic built-in storage.  It's homeschooler heaven!  (Well, maybe not.  That would probably be a house with far more square footage on an acreage, but...I'm content!)

We are no longer in a small town, but smack-dab in the city.  This is mostly good, but has a few draw-backs.  Everything is so much more accessible and yet we are saving beaucoup bucks on gas since Hubby cut his commute from 45 miles per day to 45 miles per week.  But we're a lot further from "nature" and will miss our many woodland visitors.  Though we've been quite excited by the squirrel population and visiting winter birds.

I've been taking lots of pictures and am putting together a virtual tour of our homeschool space, so stay tuned!

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