Monday, August 17, 2015

A Day in the Life

Do you ever feel like all these amazing homeschool mamas have it ALL together. They get up early, prepare a scrumptious and nutritious breakfast for their families, start school by 8 o'clock and, well, generally have everything well in hand.  Well...that's not what life looks like here on Sycamore Hill!

I don't even bother to have a written schedule because I know it would be complete fantasy!  But one day this week I did take a few moments to track what really took place.

This is my "Day in the Life" from Wednesday.

9:30 -- a long-distance phone call from my brother wakes me up
10:00 -- still talking on the phone, Hubby calls during his break so I hang up and switch over
10:15 -- admining duties on Facebook, check email
10:30 -- actually get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast (make sure the kids have eaten; they have)
10:40 -- Geography Game
11:00 -- have 4th grader rewrite her poorly done sentences from the day before
11:15 -- read Matthew assignment
11:20 -- Singapore Math assignment
11:50 -- Writing Strands (Our very first lesson! She loved it and begged to do the next one too!)
12:20 -- vocabulary from Geography from A-Z
12:30 -- 30 minutes Book Basket while I sweep the floors and load the dishwasher
1:00 -- everybody pitches in to clean up for the knitting class we host
1:30 -- realize we've been cleaning, people are coming and we haven't had lunch: make popcorn
2:00 -- Knitting Class
4:15 -- last knitting class people leave, Hubby comes home

At some point in the evening we did our read aloud and everybody clamored to tell Daddy what they learned about Japan during the day. There may or may not have been some Godzilla watching going on too.

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